PACS Solutions

Access | Speed | Collaboration | Convenience

Our PACS solution by GE Centricity® PACS-IW (formerly IntegradWeb PACS), is a powerful web-based architecture that provides fast, high-quality radiology services to you and your referring physicians, helping you deliver better care to your patients.

PACS-IW is an established leader in web-based image and information management, and was built for enterprise level scalability, with simplicity of design, breadth of functionality, and integration flexibility. And because ARC can leverage this platform for your practice, you’ll quickly see the return on your investment in this advanced technology, whether you’re brand new to PACS or seeking a replacement solution for a legacy system.

PACS-IW also gives you tremendous flexibility by allowing you to view exams in the privacy of your office, at your home or in the exam room for patient consultation – using the same tools our radiologists use for image interpretation. With the viewer, you’ll be able to access a patient’s entire imaging history simply by logging on to a PC. As patients become increasingly Internet-savvy, they will appreciate the way your practice embraces the latest advances in technology. That gives you the competitive advantage!

For each imaging study, our radiologists carefully select the most important images, annotate them with measurements and descriptions, and assemble them in a key image collage to provide a visual explanation of the radiology report.